Be Very Deliberative When Considering an Annuity

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Personally I’m Not into Annuities And I’m not alone. Dave Ramsey, personal finance author and radio show host, also isn’t a fan of annuities. There are plenty of reasons why. One of the main reasons is that annuities have significant expenses that reduce the growth of your investment. Annuities also have surrender charges on early withdrawals that can […]


RH 021 Keys to a Happy Retirement and Modus Hoperandi

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 Show Notes Retirement Segment This episode marks the start of season 2. We have completed one full year of the Retire Hoppy podcast! New tag line for Retire Hoppy: Inform, inspire and entertain The foundation for our program is an article from 50 Tips for Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Retirement Roy and I discuss […]


Try Taking a Deep Breath

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I have a condition called “white coat syndrome”. It’s where your blood pressure (BP) shoots through the stratosphere when readings are taken at the doctor’s office. This makes it challenging to know if you actually have high blood pressure. So what I do is take measurements at home. So far everything has been OK. But in the […]


Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

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One way to avoid falling into the “boredom trap” in retirement is to try something new. New experiences facilitate learning, social engagement and having fun! All of which contribute to physical and mental well-being. Many new experiences require you to take a risk – physical and/or emotional. Therefore it is essential that you know yourself […]