6 Ways I Avoid Wasting Time

If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”

avoid wasting timeYesterday while putting air into our cars’ tires it occurred to me that it’s been years since I’ve been to a gas station for that purpose. I don’t even know if gas stations still provide compressed air. I do know that filling my tires at a gas station was one of my least favorite things to do. So years ago I bought a tire compressor for home use. What a convenience and time saver. I don’t miss that gas station experience.



This led me to think about other things I do to avoid wasting time.

  1. I have this quirk about getting my ring finger wet (and socks too). Whenever I shower, wash my hands, etc. I take my ring off. Too often I’d forget where I placed it. Sometimes I left it out of sight in a pocket. Or I unconsciously randomly set it down. When I couldn’t remember where I put it, I’d have to search and search all the while wondering if this is the time when I actually manage to lose it. Well I still don’t like to get my ring wet but I’ve trained myself to set it down in only one of three places. As a result of following this simple rule, I’ve not had to search for my ring in months. I not only avoid wasting time but I also avoid all that anxiety.
  2. A few years ago we drove to Sedona for a few days. When we arrived I realized that I had left some of my clothes in my closet back home! That was definitely one of those “oh sh*t” moments. I had no choice but to drive all the way back to Scottsdale and then all the way back to Sedona. What a waste of time and money! This inspired me to create a packing checklist. Now I save time packing and I don’t have to scramble at my destination to replace anything I forgot to pack. In case you’re interested, you can download it (excel and pdf versions). Packing Checklist
  3. I do not have a great sense of direction so in order to avoid wrong turns or missed exits I use Google Maps on my iPhone. Plus Google Maps has the added benefit of re-routing me on the fly to avoid traffic. And as a backup, my wife, who has an excellent sense of direction, is there to keep me from messing up.
  4. We watch as much television using our DVR as possible in order to avoid wasting time watching commercials.
  5. I hate waiting in line to check out. And it seems that whatever line I pick is destined to move the slowest. So I love stores that offer self-checkout: Costco; Walmart; and Home Depot to name a few.
  6. This one only applies to Arizona and Hawaii because we’re the only ones who don’t waste time resetting our clocks when switching to or from daylight savings time. For the life of me I don’t know why everyone else doesn’t follow suit.

All of these time saving tips save time and reduce anxiety. And in retirement it’s all about what you do with your time. So why waste any if you can avoid it?

Do you have any things you do to keep from wasting time? You can use the Leave a Reply section below.

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