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Welcome to your gateway to original content on financial independence, personal finance, retirement (traditional and early) and the non-financial side of retirement. Oh yeah, and craft beer too.

My goal is present content that informs, inspires and is actionable. Wherever possible I create content that is experience based. I don’t want to tell you what you should do. I simply share what I did, what my wife did, and what our guests did. As they say, take what you like and leave the rest behind.

I’m motivated by a belief that we learn by sharing each others’ stories, experiences and perspectives.

Retire Hoppy is not a source of revenue for me. It is a means for me to pay it forward.

About Ted Carr

I’m originally from Western New York. I grew up in an extremely dysfunctional home due to having an abusive alcoholic father. Perhaps my greatest life achievement is simply surviving and turning out mostly normal.

After an undistinguished undergraduate experience, I went on to earn an MBA in finance from the University of Houston. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity they extended me and am one of their biggest boosters. I strongly support financial education through my blog, podcast and YouTube videos.

I spent the bulk of my career in Silicon Valley working for high tech companies. I worked in manufacturing planning, customer service, logistics, and management. My favorite work experience was with Sun Microsystems where I served as a project management consultant to customers across the U.S. The best thing about work is that’s where I met my wife. We’ve been married for 25+ years.

My wife and I retired early at the same time in 2010. We moved from the Bay Area to Scottsdale AZ. Life is good here however we are in the midst of another big change. We are moving to a 55+ community (Trilogy at Vistancia) because we are searching for a closer community. In fact, I’m chronicling our journey in a series of articles. The first is In Search of Community.

About Roy Weinberg

Roy Weinberg is Roy Weinberg. (TC  – Roy is the co-host of the Retire Hoppy podcast.)

He was born in Chicago, Illinois on his birthday. That explains a lot.

In his ‘career’ he’s done a lot of things.

Starting in junior high Roy had a paper route delivering the Arlington Heights Herald; in high school he worked at the Swedish Manor Smorgasbord; in college he worked as a summer help person at Prospect Heights Public School District 23, and also at Garcia’s Pizza in the Pan in his last year; after graduating from College Roy went to work for General Telephone Company of Illinois before transferring to Automatic Electric Labs in Phoenix, Arizona (which later became GTE and ultimately AG Communication Systems); his next career moves were working at a small company called Syntellect, various Honeywell companies and General Dynamics; and finally RETIREMENT in 2011!

Phew, that was a mouthful…

Hennywaze, Roy didn’t think about retirement until sometime in the mid 1980’s. He had amassed $60K in savings and had a mortgage. He had a long way to go.

Craft beer was not in the picture during his ‘green’ years of beer drinking. Come to think of it, he can’t remember when he progressed from drinking ‘American Mega-Swill’ to craft beers.

But, he has never gone back.

Hopefully his experience both in planning for and living in retirement AND his love for good beer will be helpful, entertaining and otherwise useful in your quest for enjoying both retirement and good beer.

Retire Hoppy

Retire Hoppy went live in July 2017. It’s the follow on to my original website Retirement Journeys which I managed for 3 years. The main reason for the change was to reduce stress and to have more fun.


I believe that financial literacy, financial independence and personal finance are important for people of all ages. According to a survey, I learned that a large portion of my audience consists of people approaching retirement or recently retired. However, I find that my audience is skewing slightly younger. That might be because I am connected to the FIRE community.

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I release a new article, podcast and newsletter on a monthly basis (usually in the 3rd week). I release a new video on average once a quarter.

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