Retirement Journeys is Now Retire Hoppy

Welcome! You’ve landed on this page because I’ve consolidated Retirement Journeys into my Retire Hoppy website (which I created in July 2017). I did this for several reasons: to present just one website or brand to the public; to reduce the amount of time I spend performing admin duties; and to reduce my costs.

The mission of Retire Hoppy is the same as Retirement Journeys: to share retirement experience in the areas of personal finance, health and lifestyle to inform and inspire.

All of the mission critical content of Retire Hoppy is the same as Retirement Journeys: blog posts; podcasts; downloads; newsletters; and links to social media including my YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter.

Retire Hoppy looks different because I use a different WordPress theme (it’s called Sydney in case you’re interested) and have created a new logo.

Here’s why I chose to name my new website Retire Hoppy. One reason is that the domain name Retire Happy is taken! Another is that I wanted to inject some playfulness into my Retire Hoppy project. “Hoppy” of course refers to hops that are used to brew beer. But in reality, beer plays only a small role in Retire Hoppy . The only references appear in the second segment of my Retire Hoppy podcasts. That’s it. So you have the choice of listening to only the retirement segment (first segment) if you wish. But I hope you listen to both segments because the beer segment is not just fun but also includes historical references, craft beer news and our guests’ perspectives.

Please continue on to Retire where you’ll find my latest blog posts, podcasts, resources, links to social media and a form to subscribe to our free newsletter.

If you have any comments, please use our Contact Us form.

I’ve created an archive of my older and original Retirement Journeys content. You can click on one of the two following links to access archived Retirement Journeys blog posts and the pages that depict our retirement journey (The Foundation, Pre-retirement, Decision, Arrive, Survive, Thrive).

Retirement Journeys Blog Posts

Our Retirement Journey