Drawn to FIRE

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If you haven’t heard of FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) you’re not alone[1].   However, awareness of FIRE is growing as evidenced by the attention it’s receiving from the mainstream media. How to Retire in Your 30s with $1 Million in the Bank – New York Times Achieving Financial Independence at Any Age – Forbes […]


RH 032 Advertising Disruption and a Beer Battle

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Show Notes Retirement Segment Summary of Retire Hoppy podcast episode 32 Rick’s career was selling broadcast (TV and radio) advertising Worked about 40 years There were many signs that the industry was undergoing massive restructuring. His job went away in July Nov 2016 and he moved to Scottsdale in Nov from Chicago Lots of Chicago […]


Design Time

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design time

This is the third in a series chronicling our move into a 55+ community. If you missed the second installation, here’s a link Don’t Go It Alone When Building a New Home Why the Rush? Before we signed our purchase contract, we looked over a template. One thing that stood out was the requirement to […]


The Sunshine Blogger Award

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Sunshine Blogger Award

I am delighted and honored to receive a Sunshine Blogger Award! I want to thank my highly valued and respected Twitter friend Shaun from Project Palm Tree for the nomination. This award showcases one of the best aspects of “my” Twitter community – the unselfish gift of support. When one succeeds, we all succeed! I […]


RH 031 Craft 64

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Craft 64

Show Notes Retirement Segment Recorded on location at Craft 64 in Old Town Scottsdale Scott Hagen is one of 4 co-owners. He is originally from Scottsdale. The building is an adobe house built in 1937. It’s one of the original buildings on Main St. Prior to starting up Craft 64, Scott had a 20 year […]