Home at Last

Trilogy Vistancia

Our journey began in April 2019. We have finally taken possession of our new home located in Trilogy Vistancia.

We couldn’t be more excited about our new home! We love its picturesque setting which features an expansive wash in the back and a wide swath of green space in the front. Mountain views abound. But that’s just the icing on the cake. There are more reasons why we’re excited.

The Benefits of Downsizing

Our new home is about 2/3 the size of our current house. There will be much less indoor and outdoor maintenance to deal with which will give us more time to enjoy life. And having less livable space forces us to up our de-cluttering game. We have to make do with less furniture and less stuff. Fortunately we’re able to donate and recycle most of it. Another valuable benefit is that the cost of our utilities should go down (hopefully by a lot).

Newer Homes, New Features

Our current home was built in 1997. Not that old, but still much has changed. Our new Trilogy Vistancia house offers several “smart” features. We can control the thermostat, garage door and lights with our phone. The house is very tightly sealed and is much better insulated. The insulation in the attic is called “cathedral” which means it is attached to the underside of the roof. According to the builder, this should keep the attic temperature 10-12 degrees cooler than just insulating above the living space. The HVAC system is located in this cooler attic environment enabling it to operate more efficiently. All of the water lines are made of AquaPex tubing. It is more flexible, reliable and easier to repair than copper. Then there’s this sign of the times. There’s not a single traditional phone line/jack in the entire house. Landline service is only available through Ethernet wiring.


Our decision to move was driven by a desire to be part of a community. We look forward to meeting people, joining clubs, participating in activities and attending events. We’ve been encouraged by our initial interactions with community members who have all expressed a high level of satisfaction with Trilogy.

What’s Next

Our real estate fortunes have taken a major turn to the upside. When we listed our current house in September, our expectation was that it would sell before our scheduled December close on the new home. Over the course of several months our current house garnered a lot of views and showings but no serious buyers. On December 3rd a friend dropped off a statue of St. Joseph which we immediately “deployed” according to the instructions he came with. On December 6th we received and accepted an offer. Our close date on the current house is January 23rd. Even though we didn’t meet our goal of selling our current house before closing on the new house, there is an upside. We avoid a lot of ongoing near-by construction and 3 weeks of landscaping for the new house. We have plenty of time to move certain things ourselves. And we have time to get things done such as installing a closet system before we move in.

Overall we are very optimistic about our future and have no regrets over any of our decisions. I’ll wrap up this series with an article about life in the community after we’ve become acclimated.

Here’s the first article I wrote in this series: In Search of Community

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