RH 035 Episode FW 002 of FIREwalkers

Show Notes

  • Our guests are Doc G and Paul Thompson from the What’s Up Next Podcast
  • Our topic is: Can Anyone Achieve Financial Independence
  • We discuss:
    • How Doc G and Paul teamed up
    • Whether there is a minimum level of income in order to achieve FI
      • Doc G provides examples of people who have done so with very little income and observes that many wealthy people do not achieve FI
    • According to Doc G and Paul, mindset is the most important factor for FI
      • Having a positive mindset is empowering
    • The journey to FI is not about sacrifice
    • Minimalism is valuing what is important to you
    • Frugality is getting those things you want, at the lowest cost
    • Service and paying it forward are part of the journey
    • Privilege is relative and no doubt is an advantage
    • Claire talks about her parent’s journey from China to the US and their savings and investing habits
      • She mentions how her parents made her save something from her allowance

Hop Spot

To listen to our beer tasting go to: FW 002 Show Notes


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