RH 033 Retirement Down the Road and Tower Station

Show Notes

Retirement Segment

  • Our guest is Jacob Merrill, 65, married with 2 kids
  • Has an engineering degree and moved to Phoenix for a job
  • Plans to retire within the next couple of years
  • As retirement gets closer he is doing more research into getting ready for retirement
  • Uses a financial planner for part of his portfolio
  • His planner was especially helpful in managing his parent’s finances
  • One of his retirement role models is his grandmother. She lived below her means and got rid of most of her material possessions.
  • His other role model was his parents – in terms of how not to do it.
  • His mother had over 30 credit cards and lived in her house way past her ability to manage it.
  • Jake intends to take the honeymoon path after he retires.
  • His biggest concerns about retirement are unexpected medical bills and the stock market crashing.
  • His contingency planning is continuing to work.
  • His final thought is that it’s important to keep money invested in stocks

Beer Segment

The beer segment begins at 10:40.

Tower Station

  • Mother Road Brewing, Flagstaff, AZ
  • Named after Route 66
  • The beer is their flagship IPA – Tower Station
  • Tower Station and U Drop Inn opened in Shamrock, TX in 1936
  • It is now a gift shop and visitor center
  • 7.3 ABV and 70 IBUs, unfiltered
  • Beer Advocate rates it as outstanding

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