RH 024 Retired Now What and Hop Water

Show Notes

Retirement Segment

  • I wanted to interview John after I came across him on Twitter. I was intrigued by all the things that he was doing: website (Retired Now What), blog, YouTube and podcasting. Maybe that’s not so amazing except that John is in his 80s which does make him different in my opinion.
  • John took an early retirement package from IBM Burlington VT in 1981 at age 51. He worked as an electrical engineer and in management.
  • Based on his financial analysis, John figured he needed to work another 10 -12 years.
  • Instead of continuing to work as an employee, he got into real estate (purchased a motel) and business consulting.
  • John has continued to work since in one capacity or another. When I asked why he said that he likes to figure things out and enjoys being busy.
  • John now lives in SC and is committed to exercising his mind and body. It is that combination that keeps him going.
  • John sees himself as being different (in a good way) from most of the people he knows.
  • John recalls not being a good student in HS. When a teacher asked him what he planned to do, John said become an engineer. His teacher told him that was a bad idea. John eventually got into junior college and continued is education with a 4 year degree. His teacher’s negative response was a motivator that changed his life.
  • John was frugal and continues living a frugal lifestyle. He didn’t go in for conspicuous consumption.
  • John doesn’t have an issue with early retirement as long as you keep your mind active.
  • Eventually your world will shrink due to various losses. John considers himself to have more friends now than he did 15 years ago and is very happy.
  • Unfortunately John was unable to join us for the beer segment.

Beer Segment

The beer segment starts at 14:00.

Hop Water

  • Craft beer sales grew 5% in 2017 and 23% of the total beer market according to the Brewers Association.
  • Year over year sales are increasing but % growth is slowing which suggests that the market for craft beer is maturing.
  • Some consumers are concerned about the calories in beer and are turning to wine, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages such as Lagunitas Hop Water.
  • It is an IPA inspired sparkling water beverage. It is made with citra, equinox and centennial hops and contains some yeast to bring out the flavors.
  • Hop Water contains no alcohol, carbs or calories.
  • Roy and I both found it to be tasty and refreshing. It has great hop aroma and a somewhat lingering but pleasant hop aftertaste.
  • We think that this is the best non-alcoholic alternative to beer that we have found.

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