RH 023 The Frugal Convert and Oktoberfest

Show Notes

Retirement Segment

  • Gina is a Blogger who wants to help people save by employing a frugal lifestyle
  • Gina got into debt when she entered college – credit card and student
  • She got interested in budgeting and saving when she found a house with an awesome kitchen.
  • She cut back from $250 of work lunches.
  • When she started to see her savings grow she realized she was no longer stressed and decided to share the changes she made with her friends which led to her blog TheFrugalConvert.
  • A reader read one of her first blog posts about how to budget. This inspired her to get rid of $16k of debt, save $10k and book her first trip.
  • 95% of her audience is women between 25 -65.
  • She has a program called Build Your Wealth which is free. It’s all written material via email.
  • Gina grew up in an environment and culture where spending and appearances were encouraged. Now that she’s frugal her family sees her as being cheap!
  • Students do not have to accept everything such as loans that are offered to new students.
  • The quality of her budgeting improved after she started keeping track of all of her spending.
  • Her goal is to pay off her house in 10 years so she can achieve financial independence.
  • One of her biggest budget busters was groceries. She didn’t spend carefully because she had cut back on eating out. Once she started shopping more frugally she saved enough each month for a car payment.
  • Her only credit card today is a cash back card from Costco. She receives $200 – $300 back at year end.
  • She’s not exactly into FIRE. She is working towards FI but not necessarily towards retire early. Once FI is achieved she can work towards her passion projects.
  • Her full time job is as a budget analyst.
  • Last thought – it’s not as difficult as people think to build wealth and you don’t have to live in a too restricted manner.

Beer Segment

The beer segment begins at 16:16.

The Frugal Convert

  • Gina’s not a beer drinker so we chose a beer for her: an Oktoberfest collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Germany’s Weinenstephaner.
  • She tasted a beer in her early 20s but is not into any carbonated beverages.
  • This beer is a seasonal beer. It’s also referred to as a Marzen which means March in German.
  • Beer advocate rates it as exceptional.
  • Märzen was brewed in March with more hops and slightly higher alcohol content to allow the beer to last through the summer. The beer was often kept in the cellar until being served at Oktoberfest.
  • The style is characterized by a medium to full body, a malty flavor, and a clean dry finish. It varies in color from pale through amber to dark brown.
  • Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6.00%
  • Sierra Nevada’s description:
    We’ve partnered with Bavaria’s Weihenstephaner, the world’s oldest brewery, for this American take on the classic German Oktoberfest. A malt backbone is balanced by subtle hop character in this crisp, clean, and drinkable crowd-pleaser. Nothing captures the spirit of celebration like a beer among friends.

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