RH 021 Keys to a Happy Retirement and Modus Hoperandi

 Show Notes

Retirement Segment

  • This episode marks the start of season 2. We have completed one full year of the Retire Hoppy podcast!
  • New tag line for Retire Hoppy: Inform, inspire and entertain
  • The foundation for our program is an article from NewRetirement.com: 50 Tips for Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Retirement
  • Roy and I discuss our own top 5
  • Roy starts with #21 Spend your savings safely
  • Ted’s number 1 is #1 Have a sense of purpose or meaning
    • Research shows that people who have a sense of purpose outlive their peers
  • Roy’s second selection is #24 Choose the right time to start Social Security
    • Roy is leaning towards waiting to take his benefits because that is one way to increase your income and at the same time help mitigate longevity risk
  • Ted’s second one is #4 Think health, not wealth
  • Roy’s third selection is #26 Hire a Financial Advisor
  • Ted’s third choice is #10 Keep a Schedule and a Structure
    • One of the keys to happiness
  • Roy’s fourth choice is #28 Get a dog
  • Ted’s fourth, #20 Devote time to retirement planning even after you retire
    • Expenses, priorities and needs change so it’s important to keep your plan in sync
  • Roy’s fifth from the list of 50 is #29 Don’t stop budgeting
    • Just because you can afford something doesn’t mean you should spend
  • Ted’s fifth and final selection is #47 Think of yourself as young

Beer Segment

The beer segment begins at the 17:20 mark.

keys to a happy retirement

  • Roy talks about trying Dogfish 120 IPA which is seasonal. One 12 oz bottle $9 and has an ABV of 18% this year.
  • Ted talks about his recent trip to Oregon including a visit to one of his favorite breweries – Deschutes in Bend.
    • Oregon ranks 7th in number of craft breweries and 9th in production.
    • It’s the 2nd highest hop growing state.
    • The Deschutes brewery tour cost $7 and includes a can of beer. The tour was just OK. Their tasting room and restaurant in Portland was more enjoyable.
  • Roy chose our beer – Modus Hoperandi from Ska Brewing of Durango CO. He chose it because he likes the label and the name.
    • It’s an American style IPA and is available year round.
    • The ABV is 6.8% and the IBUs are 65.
  • Ska refers to a style of music that is  a fusion of American R&B and traditional Jamaican styles – a precursor to reggae.

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