RH 019 Beer Cap Country and Belching Beaver

Show Notes

Retirement Segment

  • Founder of Beer Cap Country
  • Andrew left his full time job as a software engineer in October.
  • His wife is a teacher and she is getting an entire year off.
  • They are traveling to Europe and Asia starting in August.
  • Andrew sets SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Related and Time-bound. He sets them for his business and in personal life including financial.
  • It’s important to write down your goals because it helps make a plan and by writing it down you’re making a commitment.
  • He talks about how student loan debt is affecting the ability of his generation to get ahead financially.
  • Andrew is a proponent of Dave Ramsey. Dave is like a mentor to him. Andrew has benefited especially in the area of debt management.
  • He lives a lifestyle that is based on managing within his means.

Beer Segment

The beer segment begins at 14:48.

Belching Beaver

  • Andrew is a home brewer.
  • He started brewing when he was living in Idaho. Brewing is more challenging in San Diego because he has less space and his neighbors are too close.
  • His favorite beer is Rouge Hazelnut which he has brewed himself.
  • He likes Mike Hess brewery.
  • Andrew’s favorite style is stouts and porters.
  • His beer choice is Belching Beaver Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout.
  • He is located very close (within walking distance) to their tasting room.
  • He enjoys taking out of town guests on a walking tour of near-by breweries.
  • If someone is not a beer drinker, he recommends that they try a lager.
  • He characterizes himself as fun loving guy, enjoys life, he saves and invests, he keeps his spending in check, drives a relatively old car and is looking forward to his one year sabbatical.

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