RH 017 Volunteering and Founders Centennial IPA

Show Notes

Retirement Segment

  • Bill is from Ohio and spends his winters in Arizona which is referred to as being a snow bird.
  • He retired 5 years ago from his business as a museum exhibit business owner.
  • Bill and his partner started succession planning 8 years ahead of his planned retirement.
  • Bill didn’t really think ahead to envision his retirement. For him retirement was about having time to choose what he wanted to do.
  • Bill bought a condo in Arizona the day he retired and “went to work” fixing it up. In a sense he transitioned from working for his business to working for himself.
  • Bill financially prepared in several ways. He started a 401k for his company which he of course participated in. He was always an investor so he had his separate personal accounts. And he received funds from the sweat equity that he put into his business.
  • Bill volunteers with the McDowell-Sonoran Preserve on patrol duty.
  • He enjoys helping people.
  • Roy volunteers at Sun Sounds which provides a reading service for people who can’t read print. He started volunteering at Sun Sounds while he was preparing to retire.
  • One result from the 2018 retirement survey I conducted was that only 4% of the respondents volunteer which surprises me.
  • Bill thinks that the low volunteer rate may be due to people not wanting to make a commitment soon after they retire.
  • Some of the benefits of volunteering include improved physical and emotional health, improved memory and cognitive function and it gets you socially engaged which can improve longevity.
  • There’s a difference between living a happy life (which is inner directed) vs. a meaningful life (which is outer directed). Perhaps it takes time for retirees to equate their happiness with giving back.


Beer Segment

The beer segment begins at the 11 minute mark.









  • Bill’s choice was Founders Centennial IPA
  • 7.2 ABV
  • 65 IBUs
  • 201 calories
  • Selected as a benchmark for the Beer Judge Certification Program used in all American based beer judgings. Centennial IPA has quickly become the IPA of choice. A complex flavorful ale with a frothy and floral head. Immense citrus accents, achieved by the abundance of dry hopping. This ale’s sweet, malty undertones balance the hop character with a finish that never turns too bitter.

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