RH 015 The Future is Fragile and Hop Henge

Show Notes

Retirement Segment

  • Report from Center for Retirement Research at Boston College entitled: Financial Fragility Likely for Future Retirees
  • Good news for current retirees
    • Personal investment portfolios have rebounded
    • Home prices are up
    • Part time work is available
    • Pensions are funded
  • Fragile future
    • Report applies to people born in the mid-60s to early 802
    • Eligibility age for Social Security is increasing to 67 for people born in 1960 or later
    • Early benefits (at age 62) will be reduced more
    • The number of companies offering pensions has been decreasing since the 1980s
    • Only so much room for people to save
      • 80% of spending goes towards housing, food, healthcare, clothing and transportation
      • Leaves only 20% to economize on
    • 4% rule
      • The report example uses a $500k portfolio with 50% invested in stocks
      • Generates just $20 per year
      • Only ~50% of people are invested in stocks
      • Subject to sequence of returns risk

Beer Segment

The beer segment begins at the 12:58 mark.

hop henge

  • Beer to taste Deschutes Hop Henge IPA
  • 90 IBUs and 8.3 ABV
  • Part of Deschutes Bond Street Series
  • Centennial and Cascade hops
  • A few words about one of beers key ingredients – hops
  • Seed cones of the hop plant – humulus lupulus
  • Flavoring, stabilizing (less prone to spoilage), antibacterial, balancing malt sweetness, aromatic
    • Contain alpha acids (humulones) become iso-alpha acids during the boil and produce bitterness
    • Essential oils impart hop aroma
    • Also beta acids and flavonoids
  • A climbing plant that grows in hop fields
  • Grown in temperate climates – prefer the same soils as potatoes
    • Hallertau (Germany), Yakima (WA), Willamette (OR), Idaho, South Africa
  • First documented cultivation in 736 and first mention of use in brewing was 1079
  • Harvested at the end of summer, taken to a hop house to dry out
  • Well known hops
    • Cascade – the classic American hop that really started the hop craze. Defined by its citrus and grapefruit flavor. Also adds bitterness.
    • Amarillo – popular with microbrewers. Flavor and aroma is a supercharged version of Cascade. Floral, tropical, and citrus (lemon, orange and grapefruit) characteristics. It has a distinctive Orange character that is very different from Cascade.
    • Centennial – use it for aroma as well as bittering. Bitterness is quite clean and can have floral notes
    • Chinook – a wonderful herbal, almost smoky character when used as an aromatic during the last few minutes of the boil when dry hoping.
    • Mosaic – just released in 2012, Mosiac hops have become a high-demand aroma hop. Even with a high alpha content, the intense aroma of fresh pine, mango, blueberry and citrus are the main event when you brew Mosaic hops.
    • Citra – one of the most sought after hops for their intense citrus aroma and flavor. Grapefruit and lime aromas along with gooseberry, passion fruit, and lychee notes. A top choice for late hop additions or dry hopping

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