RH 013 That Beer Guru and Adroit Theory

Show Notes

Retirement Segment

  • Jeff Barger worked 37 years for Consolidated Natural Gas
    • Last position was VP of Operations
  • Retired April 2014 at age 58
  • Jeff is fortunate to have a pension which offers him more flexibility and security
  • Over the course of 37 years the business changed from having a family feel to becoming all about the earnings and shareholders
  • His biggest regret is that he didn’t retire at 55
  • Biggest retirement surprise is how fast time flies by
  • After retiring Jeff set a goal to visit 300 breweries in 30 states in 1 year
    • His son is responsible for getting him interested in craft beer
    • His son created a website called ThatBeerGuru to track Jeff’s beer journey
  • Jeff cites the following reasons why he loves the craft beer movement:
    • People don’t judge you
    • They love to share their experience
    • It’s all about the beer
    • Its fun

Beer Segment

The beer segment begins at the 9:10 mark.

Adroit Theory

  • Jeff got into craft beer so much that he invested in a nano-brewery called Adroit Theory
    • He’s their Sr. Brand Ambassador
    • Their motto is Consume Life Drink Art
    • Every bottle label includes pairings: food, cigar and cheese
  • The first beer we tasted was a New England (NE) IPA called AK
    • It’s the follow on to a beer series on the life of a Ninja warrior (EBK)
  • ABV is 8.3%; the IBUs are only 27 which is below the Brewers Association minimum IBUs to be classified as an IPA
    • That’s why many in the craft beer industry consider the NE IPA to be a separate beer style
    • Features Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy hops
  • The second beer we tasted was The Death of Cthulhu a Russian Imperial Stout
    • The ABV is 12% and 50 IBUs
    • Ingredients include kelp and marsh mellows (sweet and salty)
  • The artwork on each of the labels is beautiful. You can watch a short 360′ video of each
  • Adroit’s beers are sold in the DC/Virginia area. They are also sold mail order via Tavour.com
  • Jeff is in the process of revamping his website due to popular demand

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