RH 009 FIRE and Deep Canyon Amber Ale

Show Notes

Segment 1 – Retirement

  • Our guest is Steve of ThinkSaveRetire.com
  • Steve and his wife are practitioners of FIRE – Financial Independence Retire Early
  • After successful careers in IT, they achieved financial independence and retired in their mid-30s
  • Steve’s father retired when he was just 49. He asked Steve what his 10 year plan was noting that some people are able to retire early. Steve says that his parents were unconventional is this sense and opened his mind to the possibility.
  • Steve did not start out that way. He was a traditional spender and consumer.
  • FIRE is a lifestyle with respect to living frugally and saving.
  • Steve believes that retirement offers him more choices regarding how to spend his time and he believes that he is happier than when he was working.
  • The amount that one needs to save in order to achieve FI is based on the Trinity Study also known as the 4% rule. Another way to look at it is to take your annual expenses, adjust for inflation and certain one-time expenditure and multiply that by 25 or 30 years.
  • Steve and his wife have saved approximately $1m. They can spend $30k per year with a 95% chance of never running out of money.
  • Steve and his wife get their health insurance through Liberty Health Share. Their monthly cost is $300.
  • Steve receives passive income from his blog, YouTube channel and his writing for Rock Star Finance.
  • Their blog, ThinkSaveRetire, presents their story and is not a how to for everyone.
  • FIRE is not for everyone. If you go for it, you really have to want it!

Segment 2 – Beer


  • The beer segment begins at the 19 minute mark.
  • Steve’s beer selection is Deep Canyon Amber Ale from Thunder Canyon Brewing of Tucson AZ.
  • Medium body ale, deep amber in color, malty sweet caramel notes and mild hop bitterness
  • ABV 4.8; IBU 16
  • Amber Ales, aka red ales, are a style
    • Characterized by color
    • Malty profile
    • Caramel and toffee notes
    • Medium body
  • Steve agrees with Roy that Deep Canyon Amber definitely has a grapefruit flavor, more than caramel.
  • The cost we each paid was $9 for a 4-pack of 16 oz. cans.
  • Unfortunately this been is only available in AZ.
  • However, the style is widely available year round.
  • For example
    • Alaskan Amber
    • Fat Tire Amber Ale
    • Bell’s Amber Ale

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