RH 008 Millennials and Brown Shugga

Show Notes

Segment 1 – Retirement

  • There are 80 million millennials which makes them the largest generation in the US
  • We feature Schwab’s Winter edition of On Investing, the Ask Carrie column
  • Millennials are socially responsible, committed to their values and less likely than previous generations to follow tradition family and career paths. They distrust financial institutions, are risk adverse and have less than 30% of their wealth invested in the stock market.
  1. Make saving a habit
    1. Capture employer granted matches, e.g. 401k matches
    2. Cut back on credit card debt
    3. Build a rainy day fund
    4. Prioritize retirement
  2. Start investing
    1. Use dollar cost averaging
    2. Diversify
    3. Take advantage of your age which allows you to reap the benefits of compounding
    4. Understand your assets. Over time stocks will grow faster than bonds.
  3. Take advantage of online resources and in-person workshops


Segment 2 – Beer

Note: the beer segment begins at the 9:12 mark

retire hoppy

  • IBU – International Bitterness Unit
  • Scale goes from 0 – 100
  • Bitterness derives from the hops
  • But other factors such as the malt, wet hopping and dry hopping can reduce the bitterness or simply add aroma and flavor
  • Lagunitas Brown Shugga’ is the beer we taste
  • ABV = 9.7%
  • IBU = 51.5
  • Beer Advocate rates it exceptional
  • Rate Beer scores it 95
  • Serve in a snifter (tulip glass)

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