RH 007 FIRE and Jubelale

Show Notes

Segment 1 – Retirement

FIRE – Financial Independence Retire Early – What the FIRE crowd does differently

  1. Earn a good income, not necessarily a great income.
  2. Save 50% or more
    1. They do not put money into cars. They live close enough to work to either walk, bike or take public transportation. Those that are married often have one inexpensive car, if they have a vehicle at all.
    2. They live in modest homes relative to their income. Many have purchased homes in need of repair and completed the renovations on their own over time.
    3. They find low cost ways to enjoy life. They enjoy a week of camping closer to home and rather than eating out three or four times a week, they enjoy home cooked meals.
  3. Max out retirement accounts
    • This approach may seem at odds with early retirement. As most know, the IRS levies a 10% tax if you take distributions from certain retirement accounts before age 59 1/2. What those in the FIRE club know is that there are many ways to withdraw money early without penalty.
  4. They invest wisely
    1. Those seeking FIRE favor low cost index funds.
    2. They invest on their own. They know just how much wealth is lost by paying an investment advisor even one percent. With low cost index funds managed on our own, it’s not difficult to become a millionaire in less than 20 years.

Segment 2 – Beer

Deschutes Jubelale

  • Discovered it by Googling “winter beers”
    • Listed on Beer Advocates list of best winter beers
  • It is a Christmas beer which is a type of winter warmer
  • These beers are characterized by strong alcohol content, fairly dark, strong malt presence and sometimes spiced.
  • Jubelale is rated as very good by Beer Advocate and Rate Beer gives it a 93 out of 100
  • ABV is 6.7% and the IBUs are 65

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