RH 006 The Future of Retirement and a Double IPA from Green Flash

Show Notes

Segment 1 – Retirement

Why Traditional Retirement is Dead

  1. Retirement worked in the past but not today.
  • A few generations ago people stayed with one employer, received pensions and were only expected to live 10 -15 years after they retired at 65.
    • The plans only had to cover those relatively short retirement years.
  1. Do you even want to retire?
  • Early retirement may come with some health issues and loneliness
  1. Instead of retiring people often start an encore career
  • Encore careers are usually not what the person has done in their primary career. An encore career allows someone to pursue something they truly enjoy and receive a paycheck which helps bridge into full retirement.

Segment 2 – Beer

  • Roy chose Green Flash’s West Coast IPA which is a double IPA
  • According to the Great American Beer Festival guidelines a double IPA
    • Ranges from 7.6 t0 10.6 ABV
    • 65 – 100 IBUs
  • This West Coast IPA is 8.1ABV and 95 IBUs
  • Green Flash reformatted their single IPA recipe in 2014 into double
  • Brewery founded 2002 in SD
  • They recently opened a new 100,000 barrel facility in Virginia Beach, VA
  • Beer Advocate scores it 4.22 out of 5 and Rate Beer 96 of 100
  • Green Flash’s beer can be found in 17 states
  • Relatively expensive
  • West Coast IPA refers to an unofficial IPA style along with East Coast and more recently New England style
    • West Coast IPAs feature lots of American hops and are characterized as citrusy with a lingering but not unpleasant aftertaste

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