RH001 Chuck It List and Wheat Beer

Show Notes

Segment 1 – Retirement

  • WSJ article “Why You Should Have a Retirement Chuck It List”
  • Those items and concerns you are ready to shed, e.g. your work persona
    • Appearances
    • Other peoples’ opinions
    • Shoving the “shouds”
  • Decluttering – chucking stuff you don’t really need
  • Bucket lists are aspirational and chuck lists are about conscious choices

Segment 2 – Beer

  • What is craft beer? Per the Brewers Association
    • Annual production of less than 6m barrels
    • Independent
    • Traditional
  • The Brewers Association puts on the Great American Beer Festival
  • Brewers Association has created a seal certifying that you are an independent craft brewer
    • 4 Peaks of Tempe AZ was recently sold to AB In-bev
    • IMO the beer is still a craft beer product but the business is big business, i.e. 4 Peaks is no longer a craft brewery
  • Big business historically grows their business by acquiring smaller companies
  • We taste a wheat beer from Weinstephaner (Hefe Weissbier) purportedly the oldest continuously operating brewery in the world (1040 AD)
  • 14 IBU; 5.7% ABV
  • Beer Advocate gives a score of 98 and 100
  • Rate Beer gives it a perfect score of 100
  • Pours creamy, dense, tall head that lasts
  • Hazy in appearance – unfiltered
  • Aroma – sweet wheat smell, citrus, banana
  • Deep gold
  • Very flavorful, lots of body
  • Distinctive flavor and very refreshing (compared with an IPA in a hot summer)
  • If you want a wheat beer this is as good as it gets
  • Likely widely available and reasonably priced


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