RH000 Purpose and Lagers

Show Notes

Segment 1 – Retirement

  • Our theme comes from the June/July 2017 AARP Magazine Page 36: Find Your Passion
    • Retirement glee wears off after about a year.
    • The happiest people pursue a purpose or passion.
  • What’s the difference between a purpose and a passion.
  • A purpose gives you a reason to get up in the morning and a passion is something you really like to do (Roy).
  • Ted found a purpose because he was willing to try new things. His purpose evolved from his volunteering at a local history museum and as a reader for Sun Sounds of AZ.
    • At the museum he volunteered to revamp their website even though he had no experience. From Sun Sounds he learned about audio.
    • He combined the two into podcasting and website design which he greatly enjoys.
  • Roy states that his passion is audio which is evident from his various related activities.
  • Ted mentions that starting an activity (like Roy’s volunteering at Sun Sounds) while you’re still working is a great way to smooth the transition into retirement.
  • Having a purpose actually has health benefits such as lower risk of getting Alzheimer’s. A purpose can improve and extend life.
  • Roy said that your environment also helps improve your happiness.
  • Ted says to those who haven’t found a purpose:
    • Don’t stress
    • You determine what success is (set the bar low if you want).
    • Ted mentions that retirement coaches exist who can help you figure out what you want to do.
  • Ted sums up a quote from Viktor Frankel:
    • Happiness can not be pursued.
    • One must have a reason. Happiness is about satisfying your needs and wants.
    • Meaning is focused outwards.
    • When our purpose is focused outwards, happiness comes naturally.

Segment 2 – Beer

  • Ted and Roy talk about their early beer drinking days. Ted has a Miller High Life and Roy an Old Style to help them reminisce.
  • Ted and Roy role play based on an issue of a magazine that Ted recently picked up in Santa Fe NM – Brewers Crew Magazine. The magazine contains an advice column from Mr. Hops. Roy asks the question and Ted answers as Mr. Hops. The questioner wants advice on how to get started with craft beer. Mr. Hops offers two excellent suggestions: 1) visit a local brew pub and order a flight of beers; 2) try a craft lager to see how it compares with the traditional American lagers.
  • Ted and Roy compare their beers with a lager from Deschutes – Pacific Wonderland. This offers a great example of how a craft beer can elevate the basic lager style.


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